Labflex has a wide product range of hospital trolleys. The trolleys have a high quality and their carefully considered design and structure give the user significant added value. In their design, we have paid particular attention to safety, order, user-friendliness, as well as flexibility.

All trolleys have a high load-bearing capacity.

Open Trolleys

Light and simple, these functional trolleys allow a good overview of their content and offer easy access. The trolleys are fitted with 4 swivel wheels and are available in standard colours and with optional accessories such as trays and baskets.

Available in several sizes.

Drawer Trolleys

Functional lightweight trolleys with a very stable construction and integrated drawers. Available with a soft-close mechanism. Easily adjustable locks allowing all or only individual drawers to be locked. Flexible layout with a myriad of opportunities for internal arrangement and detachable trays. Smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces that ensure a high level of hygiene.

ISO compatible and available in several sizes.

Closed Trolleys

Our closed trolleys are available with a door, a roller shutter, or an open front. The trolleys are fitted with tray mechanisms and 4 swivel wheels and made in injection-moulded plastic and aluminium.

Choose among wide and narrow models available in different heights.

Contact our consultants to hear more about the many opportunities offered by our trolleys