Laboratory Safety Always Takes Pride of Place in Labflex’ Solutions

Safety is the absolute cornerstone of all work initiated by Labflex. Labflex supplies solutions to all types of laboratories with different safety requirements and certification. Labflex nowadays supplies solutions to, e.g. analysis and GMOII laboratories.


Safety in our laboratory solutions is maintained, e.g. by Labflex’ own procedure and work descriptions which are explicitly drawn up and documented based on the ISO 9001 standards. These procedure descriptions ensure a uniform fixed working procedure that pays due consideration to the safety rules in the furnishing of laboratories and production of products.

Know-How Signifies Greater Safety

Labflex has the necessary knowledge to consult you on how to furnish your laboratory so that it is fully compliant with the regulations and is a safe workplace functionally. The same applies to the products where we have accumulated year-long know-how, e.g. in how to design and build furniture and fume cupboards properly in order to ensure a safe working environment in and around the product. Many analyses and considerable development costs, as well as year-long experience in the laboratory industry at both regional and international level have laid the foundation for the high safety level mastered by Labflex.

Service Raises Safety

Labflex’ own Service department also contributes to maintaining the right product safety after commissioning.