Fume cupboard Service

fume cupboard service provided by highly qualified field service engineer team 

Labflex Service is capable of performing all necessary tests and providing all relevant service. Opt for Labflex Service to receive professional and committed service and maintenance by highly trained, experienced, and qualified service technicians.

The regular service of your fume cupboards is important to ensure compliance with the relevant safety standard requirements and guarantee fault-free laboratory operation.

fume cupboard Servicing – a EU Standard

The EN-14175 standard requires all fume cupboards to undergo an annual safety overhaul. Each fume cupboard, regardless of its age, should be tested and inspected at least once a year to ensure that it functions to the optimum mechanically, functionally, and with regard to safety.

fume cupboard Service Elements

The service of a fume hood may include, e.g. air measurements, cleaning, repair, retrofitting, installation, relocation, and disposal. A normal fume cupboard service overhaul takes between 1 and 2 hours depending on its age and operating condition. The service inspection documents the operating condition and status of the equipment and furniture units in an inspection / classification report. If repair is required or recommended for the respective unit, we notify the customer and provide an estimate of the cost.

By signing a Labflex Service Agreement, our customers can rest assured that their fume cupboards:

• Meet the regulatory requirements – occupational safety and health in the laboratory

• Function to the optimum – thereby minimising their energy consumption

• Have a longer service life – thereby slashing costs

• Maintain a high quality of use – providing a feeling of safety during work

• The user has optimum protection

Labflex’ Service Organisation

Our service engineers cover Zealand, Jutland, and Funen, i.e. the whole of Denmark, so our customers can always expect prompt, efficient, and professional service. International service can also be offered. Our service organisation consists of our own specially trained service engineers and external highly qualified cooperation partners. Both are engaged exclusively with service, which is why Labflex Service can guarantee committed and dedicated service contributions at all times.

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