New laboratory concept for Oslo Science Park, Norway

August, 2017

Labflex has designed laboratory furniture for a new laboratory concept in Oslo Science Park, Norway which will house laboratory premises for new pharma startups. The innovative concept is the first of its kind and serves as a lab hotel for startup companies. Companies can rent the premises through VWR, and work and use the furniture and the laboratory equipment made available by VWR.

Labflex won the project because of the design and the high degree of detail. The project team has focused on combinations of durable furniture to meet the needs of changing companies and users over the next many years. The table tops are in compact laminate and have a shorter width, which provides greater flexibility and possibility of replacement when needs are changing. The epoxy sinks are carefully selected in black colour as contrast to the white furniture. In addition to laboratory work stations and tables, Labflex has also supplied innovative fume cupboards and tall cabinets with extendable trays.

The research laboratories (300 sqm) will be ready for new tenants at the end of September 2017.


Oslo Science Park

More than 200 companies and research organizations have offices and laboratories in Oslo Science Park, which is centrally located between the University of Oslo and Oslo University Hospital.

For more information: Oslo Science Park


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