Quality Standards

Quality is one of the absolute cornerstones of Labflex

Labflex is famous for providing quality laboratory solutions and has the vision that it must be “best in class”.

Quality Takes Centre Stage

Modern times place substantial requirements on laboratory solutions and furniture. Labflex’ furniture has been developed in cooperation with professional users, thoroughly tested, and certified. Labflex has built up an extensive product range through targeted development ensuring that the furniture combines functionality, design, and flexibility and that individual products can be fitted with the right connections and equipment. Function and design are an important part of the product. All of Labflex’ furniture has been produced in very high-quality materials that can withstand many years of hard strain and wear.

Great Care

All shapes and materials of the furniture have been carefully designed and tested to ensure the right effect and efficiency, as well as optimum safety during use.

Local Production Creates Quality

Labflex’ furniture solutions are produced at the Group's own factories in Denmark. The regional placement of the factories gives the customer uniformity, high quality, and high delivery reliability, reorder guarantee, and quick service.

International Recognition of Quality

Labflex’ production follows structured procedures that follow the principles of ISO 9001. In the last years, Labflex has achieved a “Preferred Supplier” status and approvals from large international customers.

The above certifications, markings, and defined processes ensure that Labflex’ solutions have optimum safety.




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