Labflex has vast experience in ensuring that the laboratory lives up to the necessary classification

A laboratory's classification is decisive for the choice of the final solution, as well as for the final construction, design, and material selection.

Laboratories, laboratory areas, and facilities for large-scale experiments and production which work with genetically modified organisms need to be classified by e.g. the Danish Working Environment Authority prior to their use. Classification means the local Working Environment Authority's approval that an area meets the requirements placed for that area. Laboratories must be fitted out depending on the risk groups they will work with and furnished in the necessary classification so that personnel, environment, and society are all protected against the respective microorganisms. Such protection is provided by fitting out the laboratories according to a number of guidelines for containment measures. Compliance with these guidelines is supposed to ensure separation between the organisms and personnel/society.

Laboratories and laboratory areas are classified in 4 classes. Laboratories and laboratory areas that do not work with genetically modified microorganisms, but only with genetically modified plants and animals are not classified in 4 classes, but exclusively subsequent to a specific assessment. Laboratories working with genetically modified plants and animals and laboratory areas are classified after negotiations with the Danish Environmental Protection Agency.

Labflex has a constant focus on classifications. Labflex’ sales and consulting department and service department work on a daily basis with customers who have different requirements for cleaning and hygiene, as well as sterile workplaces. The private industry and regional hospitals, as well as universities place requirements for deliveries in accordance with the different GMO classes and other classifications.

Labflex is specialised, e.g. in furnishing GMO and microbiological laboratories, sterile rooms, and personnel air locks. Labflex’ systems can therefore accommodate all needs and requirements that exist for this type of special laboratories. It is Labflex’ area of specialisation to provide the right consulting about both furnishing and specific product and material selection. The final solution may constitute a standard system or a specially designed and produced customer-specific solution.

The solutions offered by Labflex ensure the future-proofing of your laboratory



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