Project Management

To ensure an lean project process, Labflex offers professional and competent project management

All of Labflex’ project managers have vast laboratory experience and use in-house developed management tools to ensure the best project management and implementation of the respective project.

Labflex’ project managers have sufficient laboratory and contract experience that allows them to realise synergies with other companies participating in the project and with the customer in order to optimise the project process with a focus on costs and lead time.

It is very crucial that Labflex 'project manager is involved as early as possible to ensure the consistency and quality of the project.

To ensure that both project managers and fitters do their job with as high quality as possible, their work processes and work tasks are described and documented in accordance with the ISO 9001 standards. All project managers, installation managers, and fitters have been schooled and trained to follow these work processes. All work processes are divided into phases based on the business phases that are defined in Labflex’ ERP system and that match the customer's project process.

Labflex’ project managers have both local and international experience. Geography or different cultures and languages are no obstacle for Labflex.

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