Design at Labflex

Design at Labflex is a matter of form, function, and service life. The design is supposed to add value to its surroundings and ensure that needs are met. Target groups may include users, purchase managers, security departments, technical departments, management, board of directors, and owners.

Future-Proofing of the Laboratory

Good design of laboratory furniture and fume cupboards at Labflex is a design that is timeless and has a long service life. Labflex’ design is also supposed to ensure further reinforcement or optimisation of functionality, safety, and quality. Labflex gives pride of place to laboratory future-proofing.

Design type requirements vary based on geography and lab culture and also depend on the corporate structure of individual users/customers. This places substantial requirements on the analysis process and flexibility of the design development work.

Users spend a long time in the laboratory, and research and teaching are physically demanding. At the same time, laboratory use has a wide range, from teaching to research, with varying number of people present on the premises. This places demands on working environment design when it comes to, e.g. acoustics, ergonomics, and hygiene.

Own Design Experts

Labflex has its own designers who are all trained architects and possess large laboratory experience. Labflex can also involve external designers in the development process in order to accelerate it.

A lot of work done at Labflex is infused with design, and laboratory design forms one of the cornerstones in Labflex’ culture.




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