Custom-Made Solutions

Labflex has built up unique competence in tailored laboratory solutions over the years.

100% customisation to need

If, nevertheless, Labflex’ standard systems fall short of the customer’s requirements, Labflex can offer tailored solutions. These special solutions ensure 100% customisation to actual user and building requirements.

Labflex’ team of engineers and architects will identify and analyse your needs in and around the laboratory and will subsequently develop the optimum laboratory solution for you.


Labflex’ broad range of competencies leaves an indelible mark on each of our custom-made solutions. Labflex’ team is made up of architects, engineers, building and laboratory technicians, among others, and therefore possesses a wide range of professional and practical experience.

Producing state-of-the-art furniture and equipment for a laboratory requires intimate knowledge of standards, regulations, and trends. These key competencies and know-how are firmly anchored in Labflex, thereby giving the customer the best feedback and guaranteeing a future-proof laboratory solution.

Great Flexibility

Labflex’ laboratory solutions are produced and assembled at the Group's own factories in Denmark. The regional placement of the factories gives the customer uniformity, high quality, and high delivery reliability, reorder guarantee, and service. Labflex’ production can quickly and easily be rearranged to both new materials and varying series sizes. This flexibility gives the customer added value and contributes to the development of customised solutions.


















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