Transparent and flexible

VisionLab is developed together with professional users

It is a stand-alone system which does not need to be bolted to the floor. The design creates an optimum working environment where the key words are efficiency, lighting conditions, and presence in the lab.

VisionLab integrates all imaginable functions, which also explains the good reception the system has had on the market.

Product description

• Stand-alone and wall-mounted system

• Unique design

• Mobile system. Possible to turn and move without any tools

• Self-supporting units which can be installed anywhere

• Focus on optimum work processes and environment

• Provides optimum and comfortable lighting conditions in the laboratory

• Can be classified in all types of laboratory standards

• Cleaning-friendly – no material or surface contrasts

• Ergonomically

• Available with top cabinets and fixed or mobile underbench cabinets

• Free horizontal movement of the underbench cabinets without any tools

• Service bridge and panel with an option for flexible placement of connections

• Service-friendly portal which allows the integration of all connections in the same place

• Manual or electric vertical adjustment at the customer’s option

• Option for integration and free placement of gas, water, and air taps on the sides or in the middle panel

• Electrical and Internet connection

• Standard dimensions:  3,000 mm to 3,600 mm


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