In General about fume cupboards

Labflex offers functional high-quality Fume cupboards

Flexible fume cupboards solutions.

Labflex is one of Europe's largest manufacturer of fume cupboards for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries and for universities and hospital laboratories. Labflex has been supplying fume cupboards to local and international customers for the last 50 years Labflex has amassed vast knowledge of the development and use of fume cupboards in an industrial, training, and research environment.

Different laboratories have different users and types of work and it is rare to come across desires and requirements that are identical. Labflex’ strength is that we can accommodate all needs in a laboratory. Not only does Labflex have a wide range of standard fume cupboards, but we can also supply specific custom-made fume cupboard and ventilated solutions. Labflex’ fume cupboards can therefore meet all forms of complex user, energy, and safety requirements.

Vast Know-How in fume cupboards

Labflex offers unique fume cupboard and laboratory know-how when it comes to design, construction, user conduct, energy use, ventilation, safety, and working environment. Whether it is a standard fume cupboard or a custom-made special product, Labflex’ solutions are always timeless and future-proof.

fume cupboards for Every Need

Labflex is one of few European manufacturers of fume cupboards capable of supplying products with variable or constant air flow and integrated control system. Our wide and well-documented product mix allows us to supply fume cupboards to all types of laboratories – from analysis to GMO laboratories.

The product mix is comprehensive, from a wide range of standard models to complex and large Walk-In fume cupboards and specially developed pathology fume cupboards. Fume cupboards specially designed to work with radioactive isotopes and perchloric acid are also part of Labflex’ standard product range.

High Competence Level

Labflex’ broad range of competencies has left an indelible mark on each of Labflex’ fume cupboards. Labflex’ consultants and our development and production teams possess wide professional and practical experience. All teams are made up of true professionals in their respective field, e.g. architects, engineers, constructors, mechanical engineers, electricians, and ventilation engineers.

The development and production of state-of-the-art fume cupboards requires intimate knowledge of standards, regulations, and trends. We have this know-how firmly anchored at Labflex, thereby ensuring that the customer always gets the best feedback and consulting. At the same time, this is a guarantee that the customer gets an optimal, future-proof solution.

The development of fume cupboards at Labflex is governed by a combination of flexibility, year-long experience, and in-depth product engineering know-how. Labflex’ purpose is to ensure that the fume cupboard is suitable for both the existing and future use of the laboratory and that it can be adapted to the myriad of different furniture systems. Customisation to specific user needs and behaviour, existing building conditions, and relevant regulatory requirements guarantees a long lifespan for the products.

All of Labflex’ fume cupboards can be integrated into both new and existing furniture systems



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