The EnergySaver is an energy saving function that can be installed on both new and old fume cupboards. The product targets the environmentally and cost-conscious users and companies.

The primary function of the new EnergySaver from Labflex is to make sure that the fume cupboards sash closes automatically when the fume cupboard is not used – which reduces and optimises its energy consumption while preserving safety intact.

A Simple Intelligent Concept

This is an intelligent product which continuously measures and registers if the fume cupboard is in use and if there is no activity involving it, it automatically closes the sash.

EnergySaver is thereby a guarantee that the operation of the fume cupboard does not consume unnecessary energy, while always keeping an optimal level of safety as the work opening of the sash is always kept to a minimum, reducing the risk of turbulence.

Repayment in Less Than 2 Years!

Only few investments have such a short repayment period as EnergySaver. A neutral consultant, NNE Pharmaplan has calculated the repayment time for both public and private companies. The result is striking – under normal user conditions the repayment period for an investment in an EnergySaver will be less than 2 years. Labflex will be happy to present the report prepared by NNE Pharmaplan at a customer meeting.

Tailored to User Need

EnergySaver can quickly and easily be programmed to close the sash within a user-defined time interval and when the sensors have registered that the fume cupboard is not being used. The sash can therefore be programmed to close after a predefined number of minutes or hours or at a certain time of the day.

For Both New and Old fume cupboards.

EnergySaver can also be installed subsequently to all existing fume cupboards that have previously been delivered by Labflex.

Visible advantages of Labflex’ EnergySaver:

 • Substantial reduction in operating costs

 • Quick repayment

 • Optimises laboratory safety

 • Bound to strengthen your position as an environmentally-conscious laboratory


EnergySaver by Labflex can reduce operating costs and strengthen the green profile of your company



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