Energy – Optimisation and Monitoring

Energy consumption is always an area of focal interest for Labflex and a natural part of our customers' expectations of the quality of our laboratory solutions and consulting.

Laboratories consume a lot of energy, and it is Labflex’ task to ensure that Labflex possesses the right competencies to provide the right consulting and offer the right products so that the customer can choose the right energy efficient solution. It is Labflex’ vision to be a market leader in this area.

Focus on Energy

A focal point of our innovation is ensuring that our solutions are energy-friendly and / or can contribute to reducing the customer's energy consumption. Thanks to its ongoing innovation projects, Labflex expects to launch even more energy efficient products and components on the market in the future.

Surveillance and Monitoring

Surveillance and monitoring of laboratory consumption is a key element in connection with the optimisation of safety and energy consumption. A right solution can contribute to raising the level of safety and reducing energy consumption. Mapping of habits and monitoring are important so that we can learn more about working procedures and needs, as well as product efficiency, etc. Using this knowledge proactively for taking action, e.g. to adapt ventilation to specific needs is of similar importance.

Labflex will develop its surveillance and monitoring abilities even more in the coming years. This is going to take place both under our own management and in cooperation with our partners.



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