When it comes to furniture and fume cupboards, Labflex gives pride of place to efficiency and safety

This means, among other things, certification and documentation. Certification is a very important area as this is the way Labflex can guarantee and communicate the requisite quality and safety of its product and solutions. Certification is also necessary so that Labflex can offer an objective assessment of the safety of our products. Labflex is proud of having the requisite market certificates allowing it to supply quality laboratory solutions all over the world.

Labflex is one of only few manufacturers to meet the EN14175 standard, including the required type approval of fume cupboards (FCS/EN/78/2005 & FCS/EN/79/2005). This practically makes Labflex a trendsetter in the market for fume cupboard safety.

Labflex’ fume cupboard certifications:

• DS/EN 14175 part 3 & 6

• NTVVS095, ANSI/ASHRAE 110, BS 7258, and DIN 12924

• UL (for the US market)

• CE

Labflex also follows/complies with the requirements for the other parts in DS/EN 14175.

Labflex’ ongoing quality assurance is continuously updated and documented to ensure constant optimisation of the company's safety, delivery, and traceability. 

Staff training in safety and standards is yet another service offered by Labflex. Get in touch with Labflex if you'd like to know more.


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