“Walk-In” fume cupboards

Work in fume cupboards may sometimes require large experimental setups or bulky machines. Labflex’ walk-in fume cupboard meet these needs and provide the requisite space, thereby allowing the work to be done under satisfactory and safe working conditions. The walk-in fume cupboard gives the user the largest working area possible.

Standard or Custom-Made

Labflex’ walk-in fume cupboards are supplied either in a standard setup or custom-made to specific requirements. Good consulting ensures the right solution for both experiments and users.


Walk-in fume cupboards are available with double or several sashes. Fume cupboards have a vertical front, which creates a large working space inside the hood. Aerodynamic principles and streamlined aluminium front sections ensure a constant and consistent airflow into the fume cupboard. Given correct air volume, these principles, combined with the airfoil on the lower edge of the sash, prevent turbulence and leakage from the fume cupboard.


The service panel for installation of electrical sockets, front valves, etc. is installed on one of the sides of the fume cupboard. Walk-in fume cupboards can be fitted with additional features, as needed, and are also available with mobile benches to ensure greater flexibility during work. The mobile benches are equipped with a worktop in a material of the customer's choosing.

Nowadays, Labflex supplies walk-in fume cupboards to the whole world.

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