Fume cupboards


Labflex has been supplying fume cupboards to local and international customers for the last 50 years

Labflex offers functional high-quality fume cupboards that protect the user and raise the level of laboratory safety.

Labflex is Scandinavia's largest producer of fume cupboards for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries and for universities and hospital laboratories. Labflex has amassed vast knowledge of the development and use of fume cupboards in an industrial, training, and research environment.

Different laboratories have different users and types of work and it is rare to come across desires and requirements that are identical. Labflex’ strength is that we can accommodate all needs in a laboratory. Not only does Labflex have a wide range of standard fume cupboards, but we can also supply specific custom-made fume cupboard and ventilated solutions. Labflex’ fume cupboards can therefore meet all forms of complex user, energy, and safety requirements.

Labflex offers unique fume cupboard and laboratory know-how when it comes to design, construction, user conduct, energy use, ventilation, safety, and working environment. Whether it is a standard fume cupboard or a custom-made special product, Labflex’ solutions are always timeless and future-proof.



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