Product Development

Labflex is a global market leader in the area of innovative turnkey solutions for the laboratory market

Innovation and design are constantly a focus of Labflex’ work. Labflex’ strength lies exactly in its ability to customise the laboratory solution to specific and future customer needs rather than to a limited selection of standard products. Users are often involved in the innovation process and are always the driving force behind the process.

Year-Long Experience

Labflex has long experience in product and concept development for laboratories. Labflex has amassed vast knowledge and a high competence level in product and concept development based on specific customer or general market needs and trends over the last 50 years.

Wide Competence Range

Labflex’ product development is managed by dedicated development specialists working only with product development. These specialists have professional backgrounds as either architects or engineers.

In addition to the permanent employees in the R&D Department, Labflex uses ad-hoc consultants and experts – in connection with design, construction, production, and testing.

The cornerstone of Labflex’ innovation process is an unwavering focus on safety, functionality, and design. Labflex has also intensified its focus on new supplementary development areas, e.g. energy and occupational safety and health, as well as working processes and laboratory efficiency.

Labflex often takes on laboratory product and concept development tasks for customers.



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