Danish made quality

Labflex’ laboratory solutions are produced and assembled at the Group's own factorie in Denmark. The regional placement of the factorie gives the customer uniformity, high quality, and high delivery reliability, reorder guarantee, and service. Labflex’ production can quickly and easily be rearranged to both new materials and varying series sizes. Flexibility is one of Labflex’ strengths and a major source of added value to the customer.

Large Capacity in Denmark

Our factorie have an area of 15,000 m2. The production facilities are upgraded with state-of-the-art modern machinery with optimised work and material flow that make production as efficient as possible. We have also successfully implemented a Lean strategy in our production in the last couple of years.

Labflex attaches great importance to keeping its production facilities in Denmark as this provides optimum safety and flexibility and ensures high and uniform product quality. These advantages are also of great importance for our customers as delivery reliability and accuracy are always given pride of placement.

Efficient Strategic Sourcing

In addition to our own production of vital components of our product mix, Labflex cooperates with a number of subcontractors in Denmark and abroad, all of whom are capable of supplying products and components in the high quality Labflex and our customers demand.

High Product Quality

All of Labflex’ products are manufactured in high quality with an unwavering commitment to functionality, design, ergonomics, environment, and long service life.

All of our work processes and task descriptions are documented according to the ISO 9001 standards. These work procedures and task descriptions ensure continuous uniform quality of all work in the Supply organisation for the benefit and safety of our customers.

The Group’s factorie are located in Skive.

All of our existing and potential customers are welcome to pay us a visit and take a tour of our facilities


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